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KODE Execution Strategy ( Canada in partnership with India )

Operational Modes

Many available options
Can be customized to meet your needs
Both onsite and offshore

Cost Modes

Lump-sum basis
Terms of Contract
Competitive person-hour rates for large volume projects
Based on the complexity and technology need
We strongly believe in lump sum quote as client’s get to know the full cost unlike a cost-plus job. Our rates are highly competitive and we work ROUND THE CLOCK to meet your schedule.
We also take task based projects as per your request. For example, send us your PIPING GA's and we will extract Stress Sketches for your Stress Team and extract fabrication isometrics and checking them for completeness. Send us Isometrics we can furnish Fabrication cut-sheets using ACORN or we can help for the entire Constrction Bid Estimation.

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